Spring is here in Willow Class

Earlier this year all the children planted some daffodil bulbs with the Horticultural Society in Liss. The bulbs have been in the raised beds all winter and we went to find out how they were doing this week. Unfortunately, so have not grown but most of the bulbs are  flowering beautifully. However, they did not like coming in from the cold and are now looking a bit sad.

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Designing and modelling bridges

We have started to make our bridges. Mrs Meredith has asked us to make a bridge to transport Peppa and her egg over a gap 30cm wide and 1m in the air. When we looked at bridges we found out that triangles are a very strong shape and have been used in lots of different construction projects.

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Technology Time

Will Peppa make it across your bridges?

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Fractions – 5.3.2018

In Willow Class we will be looking at fractions next week. What do you remember about previous work? How many times do you fraction vocabulary during your every day life?


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We have just completed a unit of work on Time. Reading and recording the times on analogue clocks. It is really important that all pupils continue to practice this so they can tell the time to the nearest minute. Try some of these activities to practice your skills.


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Ukulele Listen2Me

In the Autumn Term all of Year 4 learnt how to play the Ukulele with Mr Smith. It is not the easiest instrument to master but all the pupils gave it a very good go.

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In the Autumn Term Liss Horticultural Society visited the school and helped every child plant a bulb. The bulbs had been doing well but unfortunately the snow has arrived – we wait to see how our bulbs are doing and if they will flower soon.

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Class Rep 2017-2018

Thank you to all the class members who took the time and effort to put themselves forward for the role.



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Snow Day work

Due to weather conditions, school is not open today (1.3.18). However we have some fun work for you to do whilst you’re off.

Maths: Write the events of your day as 12 and 24 hour and describe what you were doing. Try using time to the minute, both past and to the hour.

English: Write a descriptive paragraph about what the South Downs looks like in the snow! Don’t forget to use conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, brilliant vocabulary and a variety of sentence types.

Please continue to practice your spellings, times tables rock stars and complete the homework on Education City.

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Science – Habitats

We have been out and about in the school grounds looking at and recording the animals and plants that live in the different habitats.

In class we have played a game to help use recognise the different elements that make a habitat suitable for one living thing and not for another. I have attached the game if you wish to play this at home – good luck!

Mrs Meredith



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