Willow Challenges

Do you remember us talking about challenges we were going to set ourselves when we were at home? How are you doing with them? Have you learnt to tie your shoe laces? Do a handstand? Make your Mum or Dad a cup of tea each morning?

Do you remember what mine was?

Well I have been working hard at it and am getting there, I can’t yet do a very neat french plait but I am now able to do fishtail plaits!

How are you doing with your challenges?
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How is your hair looking? Have you had a home hair cut? Is your hair looking like this? I have had to cut my little boy’s hair, it does not look that great! Send in your home hair cuts or new long locks so we can check out your new styles. 🙂

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Did you guess who it was?

This wild thing is called ‘Bob’ and the person behind the mask is Poppy! Did you guess correctly? If you have any pictures of your wild thing masks please email them to me and we can share them with the rest of the class.

Where the Wild Things Are' Turns 50: 6 Quotes That Will Make You ...

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A Rumpus in the Jungle

Image preview
What an amazing ‘wild thing’ but do you know who is behind the mask?
Send me pictures of your masks to share with the rest of the class.
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Summer Term

I hope you all enjoyed lots of chocolate and sunshine over the Easter holidays. Welcome back to the very different Summer Term.

I am going to update our Class Blog regularly with things that I and you have been doing and use it as an opportunity to share and stay connected. I am sure as the days and possibly weeks go by I will get very proficient at become a bit of a whiz at blog posts, colour, attached files!

Good luck with your home learning, if you would like a hard copy please let the school office know and you can pick one up. I am looking forward to seeing some wild thing masks but done want to hear of anybody having a rumpus at home!

Take care and be kind

Mrs Meredith

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Science – Longitudinal Study

We are going to keep an eye on the woodland area, by the pine trees during the year.Mrs Meredith wants us to find out about and record the animals that use the area as their habitat.

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British Values – Democracy

We had held our School Council and Eco Council elections. Thank you and well to all member of Willow who put themselves forward and took the time to write a speech, make a poster or model. It was a very difficult decision and the results of the vote very close.
Congratulations to Jack our School Council Rep and Elizabeth his Deputy.
Congratulations to Sophie our Eco Council Member and Dekster her Deputy.

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Welcome Back

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and enjoyed the extra few days off. We have a busy year ahead with lots of exciting units of work, trips and visitors.
During the first week we shall be doing some assessments to check children have the correct reading book, spellings and support as needed.
Pupils will continue to be set homework on a Wednesday which needs to be returned by the following Monday.

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English The Lost Thing Shaun Tan

We have started a new unit of work which looks at the book ‘The Lost Thing’ written by Shaun Tan. It is an unusual book with lots of mystery surrounding this lost thing and the main character Shaun. Who are they? What does it do? Why is it there? Why would you want to have a bottle top collection?

These were some of the things we have been discussing this week and some of the questions we are hoping to find the answers for…   if this is possible

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African Percussion Listen2Me

As part of the Listen2Me Project we have started learning about our new instruments and how to play them in a controlled manner, the drums are very tempting to fiddle with!

At this early stage I can promise you a very loud and energetic performance at the end of term concert.

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