Phone Calls

Hi to all of Willow Class and family.

Yesterday I was in school preparing the next weeks work for you and calling you. It was so lovely to hear all the things you have been doing while we have been in lock down and how you are copping with the changes. Although it is not easy with all this wonderful sunshine we have had to sit down and do the work set you have amazed me with your enthusiasm and the huge improvements in handwriting! I think we will have to make sure we have lots of pens in school for when we return as lots of you are going to be very close to getting your pen licences. If I didn’t call you yesterday Mrs Ridgeway will be calling on Thursday.

I asked the children I spoke to if there wanted to share pictures of what they have been upto, if you have any you would like to share with the class please email them to me.

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Jack’s Poppies
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