Lower School News W/E 25.11.16


We are over half way to the end of the term and the Lower Juniors have been busy working on their topics, their PE and their PSHE.

The classes have been preparing their scarab beetles, ready for the kiln. The classes have finished moulding them and waiting for them to dry out so that they can be fired. And they have been painting a glaze on the fired pottery so that it can be fired a second time and come out with a wonderful lustrous glaze.

In, PE the classes have been working hard to perfect gymnastic routines so that they can perform and improve them. We have seen some wonderful routines with poise and balance which incorporate stretching and curling.

In PSHE, the classes have been reflecting this week on the anti-bullying week thoughts and what this means in our school. Some of the classes have been producing pictures of scenes of bullying so that different types of bullying can be discussed.

But the real excitement in the LJs this week has been the rehearsals for the Christmas production. Many LJs have roles this year and are busy many nights after school polishing their performances for the forthcoming event.


This week the year 3s have continued to look at life in Skara Brae, the Stone Age village. They have been writing reports on the Stone Age settlement and been thinking about the features of reports so that they produce interesting and factual accounts of life in this remote place.

The year 4s have been exploring humorous poems. They have looked at poems by a number of poets. They have looked at the language and form of the poems. They have been performing their own poems and discussing humour in them. This coming week they will be writing their own poems.


In maths this week the year 3 classes have been looking at fractions numbers. Next week they will be looking at more fractions and puzzles and word problems involving fractions. The year 4s have been looking at problems involving fractions. They have investigated pictures and word problems and used their fraction knowledge to unpick these problems. Next week they will be looking at weather data and will be presenting it in a variety of ways.


They will all have Maths, English and Topic homework set throughout the term. Maths will be set on a Monday and will be either worksheets, Ed City work or Times Tables Rock Star work. English or Topic homework will be sent home on Wednesday. They will have a week to complete it.

The Year 3 s and 4s also have spellings and tables each week and will be tested on them at the end of the week.

Times tables Rock Stars: As a new adventure, they have been given a password and instructions to log on and create a rock star which they can develop by earning money from table’s challenges at https://ttrockstars.com/login. This is a great activity to help them remember their times tables and we know they will enjoy it!

Times tables challenges can also be found on Ed City. If you are having trouble logging into Ed City site then we have found that Google Chrome if the best search engine to use to access the site.




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