Lower School News W/E 11.11.16


As we come to the end of the second week of this half term, the children have today listened to stories of heroic deeds and great sacrifice as they have observed Remembrance Day. The school council representatives from the Lower School went down to the War Memorial in Liss and represented the school for Remembrance Day.

This week the year 4 children have all been working hard to design scarab beetles which they will be making out of clay. They have created sturdy designs which they can mould effectively. They have also created hieroglyphs of their names which they can include on their beetles.

Next week the Lower Juniors will be hosting the French Café: on Thursday, Oak and Beech will be in the hall singing and serving food. And on Friday it will be the turn of Ash and Willow. The year three classes have been working hard to learn the songs that they will be performing to the guests at the Cafe. The year 4s have been polishing up the French they will need to use to take orders and serve people politely. We all look forward to it with great anticipation.

Finally, the Year 3s are looking forward to their trip on 1st December to Butser Ancient Farm. They will be linking this trip to their studies of Stone Age peoples and will learn something about life in those ancient Neolithic times.




This week the year 3s have planned and written information texts on how to make felt for Stone Age purses. This coming week they will start to look at report writing so that they can write a report on Skara Brae. The year 4s have been planning and writing their own reports on Mummification. Next week both will be reading and performing Humorous Poetry.


In maths this week the year 3 classes have been looking at interpreting and presenting data. Next week they will be looking at fractions for the first time this year and will be investigating what the term fraction means. The year 4s have been investigating fractions of shapes and numbers. Next week they will be looking at addition and subtraction of fractions.


They will all have Maths, English and Topic homework set throughout the term. Maths will be set on a Monday and will be either worksheets, Ed City work or Times Tables Rock Star. English or Topic homework will be sent home on Wednesday and they will have a week to complete it.

The Year 3 s and 4s also have spellings and tables this coming week and will be tested on them at the end of the week.

Times tables Rock Stars: As a new adventure, they have been given a password and instructions to log on and create a rock star which they can develop by earning money from table’s challenges at https://ttrockstars.com/login. This is a great activity to help them remember their times tables and we know they will enjoy it!

Times tables challenges can also be found on Ed City. If you are having trouble logging into Ed City site then we have found that Google Chrome if the best search engine to use to access the site.




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