Lower School News W/E 21.10.16


The week has been full of exciting things as we arrive at half term.

The children have been busy finishing off Design and Technology work. The year 4s have been making Pneumatic Moving Monsters which look very realistic as their mouths gape open. The Year 3s have been using clay to create fabulous Scarab Beetles which they will be glazing and firing in the kiln as soon as possible.

Also, the Lower Juniors have continued to look   Animals including Humans in science. They have looked at the digestive system of creatures and identified the various organs that make up this system. They have looked at the importance of teeth to digestion and have started to create models of teeth. They will finish this investigation by looking at food chains and the role of   producers and consumers, prey and predators in such chains.

In French they have started their preparation for The French Café. The year 4s will again be the waiters and the Year 3s will be singing to the café. They will start in earnest next half term and will have a couple of weeks before they need to be word perfect!

But the highlight of this week has been the whole school trip to St Marys Church for Harvest Festival. Many parents were there to see their children sing the songs of harvest beautifully. The Rev Chris officiated and the Lower Junior classes presented their ideas on regional produce. The classes talked about apples, peas, carrots, watercress and vineyards with a strong theme of local produce. The church was full and it was lovely to see so many parents there supporting the event.

As we end this first half term, we wish everybody a restful week and look forward to family consultations on Tuesday and Thursday of the week we get back. You can book your time to see a teacher via the internet and we look forward to meeting you all then.



This week the children have looked at report writing. They have identified features of report writing and have looked at different types of report including newspaper articles. When they return they will continue to look at the language of reports with the intention of writing their own report on mummification.


In maths this week the classes have looked at multiplication and division. They have looked at ways to check their answers and have been doing some investigations and puzzles involving division and multiplication. Next term they will start by looking at investigations based on logic.


They will all have Maths, English and Topic homework set throughout the term. Maths will be set on a Monday and will be either worksheets or Ed City work. English or Topic homework will be sent home on Wednesday and they will have a week to complete it. This week the year 4s have been set a maths puzzle. The Year 3s have also been set homework to bring in descriptions of their perfect sandwiches. And they can independently look on Education City for many fun activities.

The Year 3 s and 4s will also be bringing home spellings and tables this coming week and will be tested on them at the end of the week. As a new adventure, they will be giving a password and instructions to log on and create a rock star which they can develop by earning money from table’s challenges at https://ttrockstars.com/login. This is a great activity to help them remember their times tables and we know they will enjoy it!

Times tables challenges can also be found on Ed City. If you are having trouble logging into Ed City site then we have found that Google Chrome if the best search engine to use to access the site.



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