Beowulf – should he fight the dragon?

We have started our new unit of work in English – Beowulf. After having read some of the story we had to decide if he should go and fight the dragon or should he let the younger warriors go and fight him. Does age bring wisdom to help defeat brawn? What do you think?


After the debate we voted – only three members of the class thought he shouldn’t fight the rest thought he was a hero and should not run away from a battle!

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Basketball Year 4

All the children in Year 4 took part in their end of unit sports festival last week. It had unfortunately been postponed due to wet weather. CM Sports coaches commented on the skills and sportsmanship of the children. We wait to hear which colour team won the competition.


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World War 1 – Poppies

In school this week we have been reflecting on the events of World War 1. As part of this we have made poppies that will form part of a Federation art installation between the Infant and Junior School.


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Lost Ship – Pobble Task (5.11.2018)

This term we are focusing on developing our writing stamina. Writing at length maintaining cohesion between paragraphs, correct and varied punctuation and interesting and engaging events.

Our first task, which came home with children on Tuesday, is to complete the story of The Lost Ship – we have looked at the image of the ship and discussed what, where and why it might be where it is. Pupils have bought the sheet home to talk through their ideas and tell you their story.

The Big Write session, in which the pupils will write their story inspired by the image is on Monday 5th November.

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Why the Whales Came – English

In our Shared Reading and English lessons we have been looking at a book by Micheal Morpurgo, Why the Whales Came. It is set in the 1914 on the Isles of Silly. The main characters are Gracie, Daniel and the Birdman. The story is full of suspense and tension and we have been trying to add this to our own writing.

Firstly we sequenced the events of Charlie Webber’s visit to Soloman. Then as a group we composed a short paragraph or sentences about some of the images. In our work we tried to use short sentences, ellipses, description and similes to add tension.

The next task was to work independently, selecting one of the images from the story and describing the events in it. Do you think we have managed to add tension and suspense?


Suddenly, a huge lick of burning red fire caught the thatched roof of the cottage. Flames spread. The fie crackled in the cold breeze. Speedily, the family evacuated the house, luckily unharmed. The windows were black with ask, the walls were now just lumps of wood. Could it be rebuilt… Would it be a home again…


Suddenly, the Birdman appeared. Waving wildly at Charlie. Charlie’s heard was pounding like a hammer. Would he make it back…?


The dark ship got tossed like a cricket ball in the ravenous sea. The sea opened its greedy jaws and started to eat the ship. Suddenly, the ghostly boat was nowhere to be seen. The water really had eaten it…


Slowly the ship emerged from the thick mist. Rocking slowly the silent ship started creaking louder and louder as the ocean threw it around. Then it was gone…


Suddenly, the screams of the children were like ten ghost men speaking and breathing with an evil laugh. It sound came from the ship. A room on the ghost ship. Who’s was the evil laugh…


The creaky ship got gathered up by the waves. Soon it glugged down to the bottom, there were no survivors left to scream. It sank to the bottom. It shattered.


Suddenly, the Birdman appeared waving like mad at Charlie. Charlie kept tumbling over in the waves. Trying to escape the Birdman. Will he make it to safety…?


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Welcome Back

Hope you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed the fantastic weather we had.
This is a very busy term for all the children in Year 4. World War 1 commemoration and exhibition, Listen2Me and our Christmas Jigsaw Performance. Please note that the evening performance of the Christmas Jigsaw is now on Wednesday 12th December rather than Thursday 13th, this is due to a clash with the Brownie Christmas Celebration.

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Listen2Me October

We are sounding much better! After half a term learning to play the violin and cello Willow class are beginning to sound very good indeed.

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Spellings Autumn Term 1

Please find attached a list of the spellings for this term. Pupils will bring their spellings home on Monday and then be tested on them on Friday. During the week pupils will be looking at the sound patterns, prefixes, suffixes and general strategies to help them learn these words. Any additional work you can do at home will help tremendously.

Week Spellings
1 bicycle





2 redo











4 piece






5 actual






6 inactive






7 incredible





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Autumn Term Newsletter

Autumn 2018
Dear families, we are delighted to welcome you and your children into Year 4, it doesn’t seem possible that the summer holidays are over already! What an exciting start to the term we have had focusing on Bear Grylls, as part of the Commando Joe project, I hope you have heard lots about it?
The Year 4 teaching team consists of Mrs Meredith, Mr Coward and Mrs Ridgeway. It is a very exciting time as pupils are building upon their learning in Year 3 and developing in confidence and enthusiasm. We will be focusing upon building resilience and developing their ‘have a go’ attitudes towards all areas of their learning as part of ‘Building Learning Powers’. We are looking forward to sharing your child’s work at our regular “Look Around” sessions, which are an opportunity to come into class and share your child’s work with them. Look out on the Friday Flyer for the dates.
We hope you enjoy sharing your child’s learning at home and that the homework chart that will be passed from home to school each week is useful. English and Maths skills will be reinforced through EducationCity homework once a week. Homework tasks are designed to be completed by the children with some adult support, as we feel sharing learning tasks together is important and promotes valuable talk for learning. Please let us know if there are any problems or questions regarding this
In the first term we will be looking at the works of Roald Dahl in English, comparing his work, looking for common themes and features. If you have the opportunity to share any books by this author during the first part of the term it would help the children when they undertake different writing tasks. We will continue to focus closely on spellings and continue the good work started in Year 3. Weekly spellings will come home on Monday and pupils will be tested on these on Friday. These words are from the Statutory Spelling List for Year 3 and 4 pupils but if gaps are found in pupils spelling knowledge pupils will be given personalised spellings and given additional support in class to develop their knowledge and understanding. Children will also be bringing home reading, a reading book and a book of their own choice from their weekly visit to the school library. We will explore speech punctuation to show dialogue accurately, extending the range of adverbs used and using a variety of synonyms. The focus continues to be on developing punctuation, grammar and a descriptive vocabulary making considered word choices with a clear understanding of who the audience is.
In shared reading we will be reading a range of texts, exploring predicting and emphasising skills when we study “Why the Whales Came,” “The Conquers, “among others. Pupils will record vocabulary from these in their Magpie Books at school and use them when writing themselves. When you are sharing a book at home please discuss interesting words, talk about the language, how the characters are behaving and their motivations.

In Maths children will focus upon consolidating their skills from year three in the first half of term. Concrete and pictorial resources will be used alongside abstract number sentences throughout all units of work for all children. They will develop their fluidity of recall of the 6, 7 and 9 and counting on and back in multiples of 25 and 1000. Tables skills will be consolidated through regular practice using “Times Tables Rock Stars” in class and online. Please encourage your child to practice as often as possible. Children in year four are continuing to work with numbers up to 1000 and we will consolidate place value understanding through a range of games and activities. We will be developing written jottings to support addition and subtraction, including using partitioning, and applying these skills when problem solving. Children will develop their reasoning and problem solving skills with weekly investigations, being asked to prove what they have found out and explain what they know, showing what they know in word, diagrams and digits.
Our topic this term will have a history focus and we will be exploring the Anglo Saxon times. We will be visiting the Sustainability Centre just before half term and the children will have an opportunity to become archaeologists and explore clues that suggest how people might have lived in the past.

Our Design Technology project focuses on 3D linkages, making them and putting them into a Christmas themed gift, I can’t say any more! Art will begin with developing sketching skills, before moving on to designing and making an Anglo Saxon brooch for an outfit. Children will explore line and tone and learn why a certain colour palette was used. The school will continue to participate in the Christmas Cards for Schools project, so Christmas will come early in Liss when the children bring their card designs home in October.
Computing will begin with a detailed exploration into internet safety. We will be using our fantastic new computing suite to deliver lessons and children will be developing their desktop publishing skills. Any practice typing at home will be advantageous, as they will be publishing part of their English work throughout the year.
In science we will be exploring the topic of “Humans and Other Animals”, looking at habitats and how habitats around the school change over time, this is part of our longitudinal study – you may wish to do the same at home, look at how the animals and plants in an area change over time and investigate the reasons for these changes.
We will alternate PSHE with Circle Time as the classes develop bonds and focus upon identifying the need for rules and routines. Developing an understanding of the people help them and where they can get help in school and other sources when facing problems. Then we will cover an anti-bullying focus to tie in with national anti-bullying week in November.
In RE we will be exploring the Christian Bible and its importance to Christians, exploring the characters and the stories from the Old and New Testament. In the second half of term we will explore the concept of motherhood, looking at images of Mary and Jesus.
Children in Year four are fortunate to be part of the Hampshire Music Services Listen2Me project. Pupils have weekly lessons on tuned instruments, we are starting on Tuesday with stringed instruments which I am sure will sound fantastic at the concert at the end of term.
In PE we will begin with dance, understanding how a story can be translated into movement, working with partners, mirroring and ‘following my leader’. In Games, CM Sports will focus upon Football and Tag-Rugby, developing sending and receiving skills, as well as balance and general co-ordination. At the end of each half term pupils will take part in inter colour sports competitions organised by CM Sports.
In French we will be consolidating and developing greetings. Children will develop their intercultural understanding by being introduced to the sights and sounds of some typical cities. They will also learn to describe places in town and count to 1000 and give their address in French.
If you have and questions about the things we have planned this term, if you have any time to spare to support the school and pupils we would be delighted to hear from you. Many thanks for your continued support.
Key dates for the term ahead
3nd October – Trip to the Sustainability Centre (Anglo Saxon focus)
18th December – Listen2Me Concert in the school hall 2.30 – 3.15

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Commando Joe

The first few days of school Willow were looking at Bear Grylls, as part of the Commando Joe Project, and his expedition to Everest. We were amazed that he was (at the time) the youngest person to have climbed Everest and that he was also the youngest ever Chef Scout. CM Sports coaches became commandos and helped us build a communication tower and bridge across a crevasse. Have a look at how we did!


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